The Wolfman is based on the character, with the same name, from the 1941 film The Wolf Man. He is portrayed by Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. Gene Simmons and David Lee Roth provide his voice. Artist Rick Baker designed the make up for The Wolfman. The Wolfman may refer to one of the many men afflicted by the curse.

Lycaon Edit

Lycaon was the cruel king of Arcadia, son of Pelasgus and Meliboea, who tested Zeus by serving him a dish of a slaughtered and dismembered child in order to prove that Zeus was truly immortal. In his quest to test Zeus' immortality Lycaon attempted to murder the god while he slept.[1] In return for these gruesome deeds Zeus transformed Lycaon into the form of a wolf, and killed Lycaon's fifty sons by lightning bolts, except possibly Nyctimus, who was then the slaughered child, and instead became restored to life[2].

Bertrand Edit

bertrand was a french werewolf whose first victem was a young woman. he hunted in france in 1871 and was killed by two convicts that used to work for the Confederate States of America and also a female french soilder.(he appeared in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called one paris night.)


2009 the wolf man 001

Lawrence Talbot as The Wolfman.

Andrew was a 15 year old werewolf that tourtured a town in italy. he became a werewolf after being bitten by one on December 1st 1871. he managed to kill alot of children and even a widow before getting killed by his father in december 21st 1872. (he appeared in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called cry wolf.)

Sir John TalbotEdit

John Talbot, father of Lawrence and Ben Talbot, was the first Wolfman to prowl the Blackmoor woods. He was first inflicted with the curse when he and friends were exploring the mountains of India. But John was bitten by a 'Feral child', presumebly a pubescant werewolf. After this he discovered that on the night of a full moon he would transform into a Wolfman, and enter a state of pure rage. He had his man-servant Singh lock him up in Talbot manor's crypt every month.

But one night he escaped and brutally killed Solana Talbot, his wife. This prompted Sir John to be more strict with his regime. But after an argument with his son, Ben, he transformed, escaped and killed Ben. This incident made him realise that he never wanted to lock away the beast and so decided to change naturally. And so, breaking free from Singh, he went on a rampage and attacked the nearby Gypsy camp, and infecting his son, Lawrence.

This leads to a fight between Sir John and his son Lawrence, both in werewolf form. Lawrence eventually wins by burning and decapitating his father. It is presumed , Sir John's body is burned within Talbot manor.

Lawrence TalbotEdit

a few nights after being bitten by sir john talbot, lawrence turns into a werewolf and kills a couple of villagers who set a trap for him using a stag. it is then that lawrence is taken to an asylum where he learns his father is a werewolf and he escapes and kills his tormenting docters. he then rampages through london before confronting his father the next night and killing him. then he pursues gwen conliffe. and after cornering her to a waterfall manages to regain control until the villagers arrive however he is shot before he can kill the one he loves. however before pursuing gwen he manages to bite francios aberline of scottland yard.....


ballard was a man who worked for the KGB in germany where he turns into a werewolf and joins a pack of werewolves after killing a man from england named suckling. (he was appaered in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called twilight in the towers.)

Mrs. Smith BarnettEdit

she was a young woman who hated her husbend, two daughters, and adopted son. so she went to a hunting store and got a wolf skin and put it on on the night of the full moon and became a werewolf and killed her whole family leaving blood and gore everywhere... (she appears in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called rug.)

Alan's friendEdit

according to this man he was bittin by a werewolf when he was a kid and lived by himself since. unlike the other wolfmen though this werewolf is more nice in wolf form then other werewolves. however one night while hunting he is then shot by a man named charlie and dies. (he was apeared in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called the werewolf.)


kelsey was a young girl who lived sometime in the 1960's it is unknown how she became a werewolf, but i do know that she was killing dogs in her werewolf form and then managed to kill her school bully named billy.( she appears in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called boobs.)


sloan was a young man who was bitten by a werewolf when he was 5 years old yet he was unable to transform until he worked for the police in 1969 where he managed to kill a crook and then the local caretaker at the American Museum of Natural History. (he appeared in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called night beat.)

Lester LoweEdit

this werewolf attacked a small town in maine in 1975, he is a werewolf famous for having his eye blown up by a fireworks rocket. he first killed the local railroad worker Arnie Westrum. the next night he killed a woman who was planning suicide named Stella Randolph in her bedroom. the next night he kill a redneck in a flower pot shed. and the night after that he kills an 11 year old boy named Brady Kincaid, starting a panic among the citizens who form a mob and set out in the woods to kill thier lunitic where they discover it is actually a werewolf as it kills 3 of the party. later on in the summer the werewolf appeared yet again and had his eye blown out by a kid named Marty Costlow who manages to escape the beast without being bitten, this leads up to discovering that Reverand Lester Lowe is the werewolf and they manage to kill him on halloween.


mathew was a werewolf who attacked and killed alot of children before running off into the wilderness. after 10 years he came back to his family and killed them before they could kill a man named stuart. (he was appeared in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a sory called guilty party.)

weird old manEdit

this werewolf was seen running into a bar where he killed an australian thug in 2004 leaving only the ear of the thug behind. (he was appeared in the mammoth book of wolfmen in a story called rain falls.)

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